I have an 8 year old!!!

Baby girl!! Why does today feel like you’re turning 15!!! 8 just feels so grown! 😮 where has my first baby gone?!? It’s an understatement that you’re gorgeous, smart, intelligent and kind hearted. You’re goofy, nerdy, annoyingly talkative to the point mummy will be going cross eyed and yet you still continue to tell me in detail about the life cycle of an earwig! 😳😫.
On that Wednesday morning when my waters broke, it was the beginning of a new life for us. A tank of gas and air later, followed by my high as a kite comedy routine cracking up the midwives where I accused daddy of planning to leave me for a Chinese lady. Poor daddy was at the side of the birthing pool pleading with me that he wasn’t going to leave me for this imaginary Chinese bird and would I please stop crying!
That night you finally arrived daddy cradled you as though time had stopped. He knew after your nanny died he would have a little girl, that’s why we named you Mabelle in honour of her. She would have been so proud of you.
I’ve told you that mummy didn’t think she would ever become a mum and having you and your siblings is nothing short of a miracle, so even though I sometimes pretend I’m sleeping when you call me. Or pretend I’ve actually listened to your monologue on earwigs. Just know I adore you. I am totally smitten. I think that’s why I keep having babies I’m in awe of your magic!
So my beautiful first born. Happy birthday…Remember you will lead and not follow, you will lend and not borrow, your eyes will see Jesus before any storm and your source of happiness will come from within and never run dry. You have been made by the hands of God pre loaded with every gift and talent necessary to open doors and your destiny is already known by Him.
If I never leave you diamonds and houses, may you always hear my laugh, see my smile and feel my touch. They can never be taken from you.
Love you Rosie ✨✨✨🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘



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