My celebrity preggo buddies and styling tips. 

Being preggo myself, I am slightly bump obsessed. Obviously I don’t have an occasion such as the Oscars to dress for so swooning over these “maternity” gowns was as good as it gets. I live in black leggings and long jumpers right now paired with chelsea boots or trainers. Practical and comfortable! I personally think the gals did good.  
what do you think?

To be honest throughout my pregnancy I have been stalking Chrissy Teigan’s style. I always find a celebrity preggo buddy (there’s always one pregnant at the same time!) and then I just admire, get tips and ideas on how to style my bump. Of course no red carpet gowns required for me! But I take in what I can apply and make it work for me. 

Some of my favourite Chrissy looks…

In 2008 my celebrity preggo buddies  were Jessica Alba and Halle Berry.  


In 2012 it was Kourtney Kardashian and in 2014 it was Kerry Washington!!!


Pregnancy is a special time to embrace although many women feel totally at odds with what is happening to their bodies. 

My top tips would be to:

  1. Be comfortable.
  2. If possible avoid the expense of maternity clothes and just buy one or two sizes up. You will get more choice than what the maternity section has to offer and the looser fitting clothes will be great post partum.
  3. If you feel too casual always being in stretch items throw a structured blazer over the outfit to give yourself a more polished look. 
  4. If like me you normally avoid body con dresses for fear of bumps and lumps showing,  while you are pregnant overdose on them it is the only time a belly and bodycon will be used in the same sentence and be a compliment!
  5. Enjoy your large pieces of jewellery and accessorise NOW because once the baby arrives those statement pieces will be banished to the bottom of your jewellery box. Talk about get in the way! If like me you already have kiddies you have probably long got over the days of excessive accessories!
  6. Most of all enjoy this time and embrace your new curves. It’s only a few months and totally worth all that it brings. 

V 😘

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