Try church today…it may change your life. 

 Have a beautiful day in God’s house today. If you weren’t planning to go to church this Sunday morning, I encourage you to change your mind. There is something very powerful about being surrounded by men, women and children who are likeminded with the sole agenda of worshiping, seeking and honouring their God.
One Sunday morning after years of running from God I woke up and called my mum -I was living in South London at the time and my life was literally slipping away from me. Depression, no self esteem and empty. My next move was suicide and if I’d listened to the enemy I would have been another statistic jumping on the tracks. My mask had fallen off by now and I couldn’t even hide my inner turmoil. Miss confident, weave wearing full face of make up everyday Vean had officially left the building.


 I called mum and said I’m ready…..please give me the address of the church you recommend in Lewisham. I said don’t tell the Bishop I’m coming! I just want to sit at the back and leave when I’m ready. Thankfully my mum didn’t listen to me, she called the Bishop and the minute I walked in and sat down fragile and desperate for my life to change he approached me and said you must be evangelist Bruno’s daughter. I was expecting you! He put his arm around me and led me to the front. MY LIFE WAS NEVER THE SAME. In that church I was saved, baptised and began to sing again. It was the start of my NEW life in Christ. A decade later I’ve had many more battles. The different is guess what. I GOT JESUS HANDLING IT 🙏🏾👊🏾❤️

#gotochurch #saveyourlife #startyourlife #hope #peace #love #sundaymorning #veantorto #testimony #lifeainteasy #youneedHim #new

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