Afro and a Bump..preggo and thankful

  Current situation! I cannot believe it sometimes that God has seen it fit to bless me with another child. My 4th bump and I are doing well and I’m trying to soak in every kick and turn I feel as this will probably be my last one as I don’t plan to be doing the school run into my 50’s!! Our evening convos revolve around baby names, plans for getting Jude’s bedroom ready and whether it will be a home birth or not. We look at our 3 kids playing (fighting) on the living room rug at our feet and look at each other smiling nervously that there will be another personality joining this party very soon. 

We already have a beautiful over thinking book worm in Eden-Rose, a fabulous dancing diva in Freja-Pearl and a boisterous, truck addicted, fearless Jude. 

Who will you be little person.?? From infertility to four babies is mind blowing for me. I cried and God saw me, I prayed and He heard me. I would always read about Rachel in the bible and the words that stuck out and would break me were. 

Genesis 30:22/23 KJV

And God remembered Rachel , and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb; and she conceived and bare a son and said. God has taken away my reproach. 

REPROACH: disapproval, disgrace, criticism. I would beg God to take it away. I wanted what Rachel got. 

My son’s name Jude was chosen because of my love for Leah’s testimony also. When she named her son Judah. Meaning praise! Yes Leah we sure had much to praise about. God did it for us. 

Don’t give up sister. God hears, knows and understands.  

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