imageAs women the pressure to be beautiful, amazing home makers and perfect mothers and wives is driving many to depression and despair hiding behind make up and a smile when sometimes they just want to say ‘HELP’!!! How are you friends ask? “I’m fine”, is your reply. But inside you’re screaming.

I mean Victoria Beckham has four kids, runs an empire, looks flawless all the time and appears to have a stable marriage. So surely it can’t be that hard. Right? Even Mariah has survived two failed marriages, mental breakdowns, twins and still manages to smile, hit them high notes and bag an Australian billionaire on her way home from the GP. Piece of cake. Right?

What you don’t see however is the ’empire’ of help Victoria and Mariah have behind the scenes. A network of nannies, P.A’s, stylists, MUA’s, dieticians and ego masseuses. All helping them FAKE THEIR PERFECTION.

Young girls feeling forced to twerk, contour and ‘selfie’ their way into mental health issues just to fit in and be noticed. Just…one…more…LIKE on social media required to keep that fragile, distorted self esteem afloat. YouTube making over night stars and reality shows making folks famous for absolutely nothing. We are on the verge of a disaster here.

I mean the ‘role models’ are endless JLO does it, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. I’ve seen their belly buttons more times than I’ve cared too. Their nakedness to me is the norm now. The thing is they make millions from it, keeping them in a cash infused false sense of security that can cover all expenses and worldly wants and yet be inadequate to protect their fragile minds. Prone to addictions, reckless living and fake girl power that is often portrayed as ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’ by the media… Nigella whips up a dish, seductively licks the spoon, in a spotless kitchen and glossy brown hair on fleek, we then officially begin to hate our lives. Victoria Beckham gets photographed with her fine hubby and designer clad kids…and we saddos begin to choose our headstones.

…but hang on what about that 16 year old skipping another meal to fit those jeans, feeling under pressure to be sexual before she’s ready for fear her boyfriend might dump her. Where is her empire of help?  What about that mama, divorced with kids trying to hold down a job and keep food on the table that includes 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day all while wondering if she’ll ever find true love again…..?
No million dollar cheques for them. No endless schedule of help at their disposal and no entitlement to paid leave from their frazzled lives while they sun themselves on a yacht on St. Barts.

We have to be each other’s help. STOP FAKING YOUR PERFECTION. The lives of those on the big screen do not belong to you. The desire to attain even a portion of it while living in your  real world will kill you. THE REAL YOU that is.

So how do we do it? Hhmmm, stop judging each other. Mentor a young girl instead of rolling your eyes. I was her once.

Meet up with a mum for coffee you’ll see she’s got laundry meeting her at the front door too. I’m her now.

We’re in this together ladies. V 😘

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