If you don’t hear, you will feel. 

I was raised by a West Indian mother who would warn me and my 5 siblings when we failed to listen to her with “if you don’t hear, you will feel”! Basically go ahead do what you want but if you won’t adhere to my rules and advice you will feel the consequences. After all she was older and wiser than us and knew our ways would end in tears. God in His word tells us the same thing. Why are we so stubborn though! Many times we KNOW we are walking into and hastily towards a mess but we just can’t stop ourselves. We think we got this. We think it’ll be ok. But with our confidence of knowing where we are walking to, who told us we would make it out the other end. Sometimes it doesn’t just end in tears..we could go so far that there is no way out. Life changed forever. Reputation ruined. Heart broken. Sanity lost. Oh why didn’t we listen. 

Parents just like God, want to protect us. 

When it all goes wrong we run back to God and His word. We run to mama for support because our way didn’t work. We pray, we repent, we start again. Ultimately in the long run the suffering will hopefully do us good. Why? Because now we will pay attention to wise counsel. Now we have experienced the pain. Now we can even counsel others to prevent them making our mistakes. 

Gods grace is sufficient but let’s not take it for granted. Let’s listen to His still small voice and word before we get into trouble. 


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