Dig deep girls

Young girls please don’t get caught up too much in the external. Not for yourself and certainly not for him 😕 you are not an object only to be gazed at and admired. You are a thinking, intellectual being with so much to offer. So dig deep. A relationship with God, a degree, ambition and focus will get you much further than a Mac lipstick and 3 bundles of Brazilian hair. Your collection of 1000 selfies will leave you no legacy.

Styling and grooming are important, I myself am a fan but please young girl it cannot supersede the investment you put into your inner being.

I wasted so many years creating and perfecting a superficial external me that only masked the insecure mess I was trying to hide.

Don’t fall for it. Young girl you will be better and greater than us, your legacy will be fierce and long lasting so start working on it today. FOR YOU.


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