Men we understand, not everyday HE-MAN

I pity men sometimes. I think about that pressure that sits on their shoulders to always be macho and strong, consistent providers, and above all a success. The daily grind of proving that they always know what they are doing when sometimes they actually just want to crawl into a corner and cry. They know that any show of weakness is normally a deal breaker for us ladies.

They know we want hunters and gatherers, fighters and warriors. Not until they trust unreservedly will you see the armour fall and that vulnerability begin to peep through (just a little) As women we should know super heroes exist only on the silver screen. We should know that sometimes their best won’t be good enough.

They may not get that job that will keep us in the latest clothes or maybe there won’t be a pay rise this year for that cruise to be booked but a wise woman will support and encourage that vulnerability as everyone has a right to be fragile at times. That wise and understanding woman well she will soothe away all memories of that unproductive week. Because we including our men are only human. We all will come short at times and pressure destroys the strongest among us.  #noteverydayHE-MAN

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