I’m Vean (vi-ann)…a London living, wife and mama of 4- three girls and a boy! An avid writer with a big mouth and an even bigger heart. A total girly girl inside but with a hard outer shell which serves me very well! I’m British-Caribbean with both my parents hailing from the Islands and married to Godfrey a British-Ghanaian businessman. Our home is one where God is in control, I’m always singing, hubby is always on the phone and the kids are always warming my heart or driving me up the wall!

In terms of my writing my heart is inclined to women and girls. I had a colourful and force riped start in life and made a huge amount of mistakes that I hope by speaking about will in some way help the girlies out there as they navigate this thing called life and now that I’m a wife and mum (after battling endometriosis) I have empathy and much to write about for the busy mum, burnt out wife and those longing for a child.

At the centre of it all is my relationship with Jesus. He’s the reason why I sing and get through everyday. So I hope you enjoy what you see and read, if so come and join me on this journey talking motherhood, marriage, faith, lifestyle and so much more.

Much love V xx