Justice for Rash

I'm so sick of this. I'm crying because I have a BLACK SON. One 20year old pursued by police officers cannot just be arrested and interviewed and afforded the rights of any other human being. NO I forgot our boys are brutes, inhuman, savages. Not worthy of dignity. Not worthy of life.

When they arrest child murderers and sexual abusers the vilest criminals of them all, they somehow survive to take that mug shot. Not our boys.

To the mama of Rash, my darling. You carried him and birthed him. Raised him for 2 decades and now in a senseless act of police brutality he is GONE. No more hugs, no more teasing him about girlfriends no more hope for his future. Please be strong as we all stand with you.

I don't care if he had a drugs on him, in him. I don't care if he was a thief or a robber. HE SHOULD BE ALIVE.

The courts should have decided his fate. NOT a murderer masquerading in a police uniform.

In the days since I wrote this article I have got into debate about the circumstances surrounding the death of Rashan Charles. If I'm honest these debates have somewhat incensed me because I have found myself having to defend a dead black man who's voice can no longer defend himself.

I truly don't believe that there is a race outside of the black race where sympathy and empathy for losing a life is dismissed of in favour of…"well he must have been a criminal"… "well if he wasn't up to no good he'd be alive". Excuse me? So if that's the case we wouldn't need the judicial system or prisons to house these vermin who seem in popular opinion better off dead.

The issue here with Mr. Charles is NOT about what he had done or was in the process of doing the issue is that a police officer on duty decided that excessive force was required to restrain/ attempt to arrest. To the point we are not talking about a broken shoulder or nose but we are praying that he will rest in peace.

My issue is that if you are a black man who dies at the hands of the police we have to begin digging and uprooting your past to see if it warrants our cries for justice to be served on your behalf. I don't buy that. Yes karma is a female cow and I like most people would rather criminals be off the streets rather than cavorting around freely destroying our communities but isn't that why we have judge and jury? Isn't that why we have forensics, evidence and testimony. You see my issue is and I will say it again only once is that Rashan Charles, 20 years old, murdered on Saturday 22nd August 2017 was not afforded the luxury of even getting his wrists cuffed, instead an autopsy is about to be performed as his family decide what he should wear in his coffin.

RIP RASH ❤️ Rashan Charles

We Are…

We are the women that don’t make the headlines or red carpets but yet WE make the world go round.

We are gym regulars lifting ‘man size’ weights, we are women standing in the House of Commons heading up debates. We are the same women rushing home to wash the dirty plates.

We are women injecting hormones to conceive that child. We are the women telling husbands to keep away cos today we’re fertile.

We are in the workplace fighting sexism. We are marching in the streets holding placards high with our message- Feminism.

We are Black Lives Matter mothers, wives and daughters preaching. We are confused, self hating destroying our melanin by bleaching.

We are the mixed couples trending, we are the step families blending. We are the happy homes pretending.

We are Mary, Martha and that woman found in proverbs 31. We are women hustling for that diamond hoping to God, that THIS man will be the one.

Oh we women are everything and a bag of chips and yet STILL look in the mirror and our beauty, form and heroism we diss.

Oh We Are….. As always V 😘

You hold the key πŸ—

We often look to other people and things to make us happy… but we ultimately hold the key. 

How often have you thought a project or new purchase was going to turn your life around and make you ‘happier’ only to realise after some time has passed you still feel the S A M E way. 

We seek happiness in other people’s validation. Waving our desperate hands frantically hoping that we’ll be seen, noticed, loved. It’s all great when they do and give us one big hi 5 and pat on the back but what if they D O N ‘T?

Will your mood drop? Confidence suffer? Plans change?… I am a super emotional person and everything I feel is to the extreme. I’m really working on reigning it in though (and I haft got better) because it really is a force that takes me on some unstable rides at times. I was so affected by outside forces that I could experience several moods in a scarily short space of time. Ridiculous! + Exhuausting! Not to mention hard for my husband. I got fed up with M Y S E L F! I was annoying M Y S E L F and despised MY N E E D I N E S S . I knew I had to source my happiness and emotional stability from the person that would never leave me hanging or pining… M E. 

Because if what I write about everyday is true. SELF LOVE is the best love. I am ENOUGH is a factual statement to be taken seriously, not a whimsical tag line or half baked slogan. We need to B E L I E V E it. 

New ‘material’ things have a buzz that wears off. Friends get busy sometimes. Bosses will look you over in favour of someone else. Lovers fall out of love. So we have to learn that when it falls back to the default setting of ME, MYSELF and I … and it will over and over again, we need to find that key to our ultimate unconditional happiness that’s is locked away in our core fuelled by God’s love and we need to unleash it on ourselves until we are drowning in it and don’t even want to be 

S A V E D. 
Happy Thursday …As always V 😘

Throw your own party!

Sick of feeling left out? Tired of being snubbed? Fed up of forcing your way in???
Well at one stage I felt like that. I had a rough time with it in 2015. Between friendships and family I felt quite isolated. BUT one day I was like R E A L L Y! I had to remind myself who I was. The no prisoner taking, confident, out going woman who had already gone through the fire, the storm and the flood πŸ™‹πŸΎ so how on earth was I sat here thinking about being ‘ left out’. I had to kick my own self in the butt, shake off all negative vibes and start changing my thinking. 
I began to realise it was ok! That I was more of a solo black panther, than a lion in a pack, more of a Diana Ross and less of ‘the supremes’ me one was 

E N O U G H! 
So as any writer does.. I self soothed on words and this is now my mantra…
“If they don’t invite you to the party.. throw your own!” πŸ’ƒπŸ½
Be your own promoter, flyer and venue! Be your own friend, love yourself, talk to your reflection, love your reflection, do things you love without apology, wear what you like.. Dang shave your head if you want! 😜
It’s ok if your company is not required and it’s not always a ‘snub’ sometimes you’re being ‘saved’ BOOMπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ”₯

You weren’t supposed to make it!

You weren’t supposed to make it. It wasn’t supposed to work out. 
They sat, popcorn in hand waiting for your demise to play out. 
Smirks were the order of the day as you began building, trying, growing. 
Your fall was met with eye rolls, never concern. Only happiness as you seemed to be stuck, going NOWHERE. 
Your business flopped, your marriage flopped, your walk with God flopped, your career never even got off the ground. 

You looked in the mirror and began to realise that you were still the same person, that though you were slightly bruised and dented you were more than fit for purpose. Though their negative vibes and voices could still be tangibly felt and heard you decided to name yourself SUCCESS. You dared to take God at his word. You dared to turn your dreams into reality. You dared to parade yourself and your talents across life’s catwalk and you did it well. ‘They’ stand corrected. Not by choice but by force. You were not going to have it anyway other way. You my darling are SUCCESS and you are going ALL THE WAY.
Love ya! …V 😘